How To Buy A Used Car – Lesson Two (Part 1)

In Lesson Two on, Ken teaches you used car buying secrets, like how to check the suspension when the used car dealer is trying to mask problems.

In our last video lesson, we talked about tires. Tires are a very important way to know what is going on with the suspension of a car. Let’s recap a little bit. In Lesson One, we talked about mismatched tires. If they’re not the same, is there a problem? It’s all about questions here.

You also want to check each tire’s tread depth. You stick your finger in there. Can you get half a fingernail down in the tread? If so, that’s a good solid tire with lots of tread depth ready to go. It will last you a while if you buy the car.

Next you need to find out how the tire tread is wearing. Is it worn on the outside? Is it worn on the inside? Is it worn in the middle and OK on the outside? You remember rubbing your hand over the tread? Rub your hand down over the tread, then bring it back up. Now go back and forth across the tread. Is it smooth? Or is it grabbing your hand? This tells you if the tread is worn one way or the other and if you’re rubbing your hand over, raised tread is what is trying to stop your hand.

If you feel a little cupping where the tread dips, know that some tires just do that. Cupping on tires will make a lot of noise when you’re driving. If it’s cupping real bad though, that tire is going to make your steering wheel shake and the front end shake.

If you find any steel belt showing, frayed areas where the steel fibers are sticking out, those are bad tires. You will need tires right away.

Now if you approach a car in a used car lot and it has got all the tires on it, is that good? No. Chances are, the guys in the used car lot know that there’s a problem with the front end of the car. Instead of spending $600 or $700 or $800 to get the suspension fixed, it’s cheaper to throw a set of $80 tires on it. The unsuspecting buyer thinks they are getting a good deal but what they may be buying are suspension troubles upfront.

In the second part of lesson two, you will learn how to discover suspension problems that used car dealers may try to cover up with new tires.

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