How To Buy A Used Car – Lesson 3 (Part 1)

There are a lot of used cars out there, $5000 and under.  They’re junk.  I don’t want you to waste your money or your time.

The first thing most people look at when they walk on the used car lot is shiny. Oh, it’s shiny! Let’s look deeper than shiny.

The used car salesman’s job is to sell you a car for as much as he can.  That means it is your job to make sure you get a good car for as little money as you can. That’s how it works. As a result, used car lot guys hate it when you know what to look for.  It scares them.

Well, what are you supposed to look at? Today we’ll talk about body lines? What? Body lines. You’ll find body lines where the fender and door come together. That line should be pretty much equal all the way down. If they aren’t equal along the gap, it means this fender has been wrecked or this door has been wrecked and when they put it on, they didn’t put it on right.

Why does that matter? If a door is put on crooked, it won’t seal properly and let water in during the rainy days. You’ll have a wet carpet. If the door isn’t on there right, the window won’t seal up here and there’s wind going inside your car. That’s very important. You’ve got the wind. You have water. That’s why the body lines are important. Now what you want to also look at, on the hood, here on the hood, the body line here. It should be even all the way across here. The body lines will tell you if that car has been wrecked.

Look at the body gaps all the way around that car. It may have been hit on a corner. The corner may not line up. It may have been hit here in the door. This may not line up because the body shop didn’t pull it straight enough.

Also look at the plane of the two metals. Do they line up?  If it hasn’t been wrecked or monkeyed with, the plane should line up perfectly.  We’ll talk more about this in the next lesson!

Learn how to buy a used car before you go to the used car lot.
Ken shares used car buying secrets that car salesman would rather you don’t know.

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