If You Want A Great Deal On A Used Car And Don’t Want To Get Ripped Off In The Process, This Course Is For You!

Most People Have No Idea Of How To Spot Potential Problems With A Used Car.


Let Me Teach You How To Avoid Buying The Wrong Car And Getting Stuck With Expensive Repair Bills

My name is Ken Groves, The Auto Doctor, and I want to help you make the right choice on your next used car purchase. I will give you all the inside tips and warning signs that there may be something wrong with your “dream car.”

The Right Information Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars Off The Purchase Price Or On Needed Repairs

This course takes you step by step over every single part of a used car and tells you how to spot a problem.  You will know exactly when you have the green light to buy, need to stop and think for a minute or should move on to the next car. It could literally save you thousands of dollars and help you avoid headaches like being late for work or school, being stuck on the side of the road, or spending days without a car while yours is in the shop.

“We always go to Ken for our car advice. I’ve learned a lot from him on what to watch for when buying my cars.”

John Tessmer, OH


Learn Simple Tips And Tricks For Purchasing A Dependable, Reliable Vehicle At The Right Price

Used Car Salemen know that most people have no clue of what to look for in a used car.  They are not only aware of your ignorance—they often cash in on it!  Even CARFAX can’t tell you the full story—it can only tell you what has been REPORTED.


This Course Consists Of Sixteen Video Lessons.

Over two and one half hours of video lessons teach you every aspect of used car inspection.  From tire and exterior, interior, under the hood, under the car, and starting the engine, to the “Everything I Need To Know About That Car” Test Drive.  You’ll learn to examine used cars like a professional.  Each lesson is accompanied by written text so you can easily follow along with Ken as he shows you what to do. 

“… a Masters degree education that you should digest before you purchase a used car.  This course can pay for itself 20-times over by helping you discover a single ball joint, timing belt, or cylinder knock BEFORE you buy the car.”

Barry Friedman, CA


You Will Learn How To:

  • See past the sneaky tricks used to cover up problems
  • Effectively use your nose to smell a problem carThe-Auto-Doctor Ken Groves of The-Auto-Doctor.com
  • Spot the signals that mean big repair bills are in the future
  • Understand how “shiny” and “new” may really spell trouble
  • Spot problems inside, outside, under the hood and under the car
  • Find out everything you need to know on the test drive
  • Confidently choose a dependable and reliable automobile
  • And more!

“I’m in a family of motor heads, and I learned a few things. (This course is)…a very good resource for non car people who are looking for advice on how to tell what is a good used vehicle and what to avoid.”

Juls Hallett Ford, MD.


The-Auto-Doctor.com How To Buy A Used Car Course Is Only: $29.95

You get:

  • Lifetime membership to the site, so you can view the videos at your leisure
  • A downloadable eBook of the course lessons
  • A downloadable eBook of the video transcriptions
  • A comprehensive used car inspection checklist so you don’t miss anything!
  • Instant access to all of the materials on our site

There Is Absolutely No-Risk!

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

The Risk Stops Here! I’ll keep it short because it is simple. If you are not completely satisfied with this course, just let us know and we will refund your entire purchase price.  No questions asked. The ONLY thing you stand to lose are high repair bills associated with buying the wrong used car!


Your chances of getting a bad car are greatly reduced when you follow Ken’s Course. You’ll have 30 days to digest this material – and if you aren’t completely satisfied, we will refund your purchase price – guaranteed.

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