In a struggling economy, many people can’t afford the luxury of a new car.  There are potential risks anytime you purchase a vehicle, new or used.  For that reason, you may want to consider the many benefits of buying a used car over a new one.

The major disadvantage of purchasing a new car over a used one is that while new cars can be evaluated for reliability by its brand and model names, there is no way of knowing if the specific year and make of the car lives up to its predecessors. By buying a used car, you can target the exact make and model that has a strong reputation for reliability and quality. This is a great way to avoid known recalls, problematic vehicles, and otherwise make a selection of a vehicle that you know has a good track record for performance.

In addition to this, used cars, even cars that are only a year old, are significantly cheaper than brand new models. This includes cars that were well cared for under leasing contracts. By looking for a car that falls into that category, you may end up driving a used car that looks and feels brand new without having to pay the inflated prices of a new vehicle.

When you are learning how to buy your new used car, there are several things that you will want to keep in mind. First, in order to purchase a dependable used car, you need to do a little research. You can check prices, reliability, advantages, and disadvantages of each model.  To do that, use consumer reporting websites, used car reviews and forums.  Also check for recall information on each model prior to purchase. This will give you the general knowledge you need about the car you’re planning on purchasing.

Finally, you need to learn about the specific car that you’re planning on purchasing. Getting the history of a car adds a little time, effort, and expense to your purchasing process, but confirms the history of the vehicle through its serial number.  Is the car is for sale legitimately (rather than being stolen)?  How many owners it has had?  Has the vehicle was repossessed? This and other important information specific to that car, such as whether or not it was involved in a major accident.

While automobile reports help, don’t rely on them to determine the purchase of a car.  Get an education on how to properly inspect a vehicle you are considering.  Paying for an education up front is usually cheaper than hidden problems that lead to repair bills later.

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