Before you buy a used car, knowing what to check could save you thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Ken Groves has been working on cars his entire life. (Or so it seems.) He worked every type of mechanic’s job from used car lot grease monkey to fleet mechanic. Today, he rebuilds custom cars for collectors and car shows.

Every day, people come to Ken and ask him if he would look at a car they are considering. He realized most people have no clue what to check when they go to the used car lot. “Most people look at bright and shiny!”, says Ken. That is a sure way to buy a turd that will cost you money in the long run.

When you want to buy a used car, you need to look for something that is reliable and dependable. You can clean a car up. That’s cheap. Making it safe and dependable, that can run some serious money.

Ken created the Auto Doctor How To Buy A Dependable Used Car course on-line. The course features fifteen lessons that teach you exactly what to look for. Using multiple cars to demonstrate each point, Ken will show you exactly how to find problem areas so you can either avoid the car, or get the repairs done before you sign the paperwork.

This introductory video is the start of the official YouTube Channel for the web site. Subscribe to the channel today so you won’t miss any updates. Our goal is to make you an informed used car buyer, so you can keep money in your pocket instead of giving it to a used car dealership or a mechanic.

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